Get to know us

We are a biotech start-up company founded by scientists with a combined expertise in protein biophysics, protein engineering, molecular biology, molecular virology, epidemiology, immunology and vaccinology. In addition, we are joined by a stellar group of advisors that strategically guide us toward fulfilling our vision.

Our mission

We're on a mission to generate novel biological tools to create multifunctional nanobiodevices in a Lego-like fashion through the generation of libraries of functionalities. Our goal is to generate solutions in the fields of personalized medicine, pandemic preparedness, and the the fight against human and veterinary infectious diseases.

Our vision

We want to deliver solutions to improve the quality of life of potentially every person on Earth, by generating preventive and therapeutic strategies against infectious diseases, allergies and cancer, and minimize the environmental impact through the generation of cost-effective modular solutions that can be updated and upgraded, transforming traditional production and distribution pipelines

Our team

Damian Alvarez Paggi

Founder / CEO

Daniel H. Murgida

Founder / CSO

Sebastián Esperante

Managing Partner / Protein Engineering

Virginia Tribulatti

Managing Partner / Immunology

Carla Goldin

Analia Boudgouste

Arahí Prato

Ana Paletta

Alana Byrne

Lautaro Ruggieri

Adnan Custovic
Fernando Polack
Mauricio Caballero
Hugo Menzella
Ariel Notcovich
Manuel Mauer
Carola Candurra

Management & Finances