Our Platfrom




Through protein engineering we have attained full control of the self assembly mechanism of multiple viral proteins.

We can reversibly or irreversibly trigger oligomerization of these proteins into homogeneous, monodisperse particles.

These proteins can be used as scaffolds fused to cargoes of different functionalities. Thus, we can generate libraries of functionalities that can be combined on-demand, enabling combinatorial design.

This method allows the creation of soluble, stable, multivalent and multicomponent particles.

Our Verticals

Self-Assembling Platform

Our technology is under constant evolution to suit multiples application in a wide range of conditions. The main goal is to deliver a truly versatile platform for multiple applications.

a stack of legos sitting on top of each other
a stack of legos sitting on top of each other
white and green syringe on white surface
white and green syringe on white surface
Next-Gen Vaccines

Based on our technology, we are developing a next-gen vaccine platform for cost-effective, updatable, finely-tunable formulations.

Biotechnological Tools

We are engineering novel cargoes to expand the platform's properties, enabling the incorporation of different ligands and multiple functionalities.